Application of Dosing Beltscales

Continuous, gravimetric dosing of bulk materials (roughly piecemeal, granulated, flowing, brittle and non-shooting materials)
Dosing with an accuracy better than ± 1% throughout the setting range. High accuracy requirements are only met after a throughput of about 100 kg/h.Vorteile von Dosierbandwaagen

  • High dosing output up to 30 t/h
  • Continuous material flow from any size of reference silos
  • No mechanical influence on the material
  • Low height
  • Relatively large working range up to 1:100



How Beltscales work

The product is fed to a conveyor belt and transported to the drop point. The mass flow of the product is recorded by a Load Cell (via a defined measurement distance) on the belt. The control is carried out by adjusting the belt speed, by changing the speed and thus adjusting the value of the dosing output. The Control beltscales differ from dosing beltscales . The Control beltscale is only used with a load cell to record volume throughput. The structure of the scale is comparable to a dosing beltscale, but the output control is no longer necessary.