Single Component

Single Component

We implement one-component dosing controllers based on Siemens S7 control technology. The system is usually visualised and operated via a touch panel directly at the Control.

epa Dosiertechnik GmbH product data sheet Weightcontrol 1200 en

Our single-component Controller Weightcontrol 1200 offers the following range of functions:

Batch Dosing, it is dosed the exact weight of a batch. Operating mode can also be set to dose a predetermined weight over a defined period of time.

Continuous Dosing, the control regulates exactly the weight to be dosed per time.
The control is modular and can be used for vibration conveyors, liquid dosers, snail dispensers or tape scales. By using Simatic S7 standard components, the control can be easily integrated into existing systems. In the standard, the control is equipped with a profinet interface, thanks to the subsequent addition of further controllers, a multi-component system can simply be created.

Extensions, with the control can also be controlled by other process participants (refill, mixers, etc.).

Remote maintenance, to provide easy support in the event of a malfunction, we can supplement the control with a remote maintenance router. The router works with a secure VPN connection and can either be integrated into an existing LAN/Wi-Fi structure or establish an isolated connection via LTE.